How to be as bold as a lion: Proverbs 28 verse 1

The wicked flee though no one is pursuing, but the righteous are as bold as a lion. – Proverbs 28:1 (LITV)

Lions don’t run from anything.  They just stand there, and face whatever danger comes their way.  They don’t often face a deadly threat, but when they do, they are bold, and go down fighting!
If we are in the right, there is no need to anxiously run away.

Excuses to be anxious

scared child at nighttime (source:’ve lived for 14 of the past 24 years in Chad, Africa, and have learned to live with uncertainty.
So even when I have no reason to be anxious, I often make up my own.  Health anxieties, money anxieties, security anxieties… anxiety about the future of America, about natural disasters, about the end of the world…
Last Friday, the brakes on my 1989 Toyota Corolla started making scary noises.  I didn’t get to call the mechanic to schedule an appointment before the day ended.  So I had the whole weekend to worry about the rust spots, about the oil leak, about the tire depth… about all the things that, when taken together, would mean that I have to junk my car and start looking for a new one.
On Monday morning, I was surprised that, when I called, my mechanic could take me right away. We dropped off the car, and I waited for my mechanic [at Quality Tire, in Brewer, Maine] to tell me what he saw.

By noon, my phone rang.  It was the phone number of my mechanic.  Before I picked up, I expected the worst… but was thankful to hear that, despite my anxiety, all the car needed was brakes, calipers and an overdue oil change.
I wasted all that time worrying, for nothing!

Excuses to make other people anxious

Windows 10 anxiety (source: also seem to want to give other people an excuse to worry.  That same day, my wife’s work computer started upgrading to Windows 10 on it own.
I warned her that her most important software would stop working, and that her workplace would have to start paying a hefty subscription fee each year.
She wasn’t buying it.
In the end, the dialog box asked her to accept the Software Agreement.  She clicked on “No”, and the installer threatened to uninstall Windows 10.
Thirty minutes later, everything was back to what it was before.

Be Bold as a Lion

Bold as a lion (source:, troubles come unexpectedly… and when they do, they can bring really bad things.  But freedom from sin through Christ should give me the boldness I need to walk in His way.
God is taking this ministry into some very challenging places.  It’s exhilarating, and scary, all at once.  Sadly, when I have a difficult time taking a step of faith, I wait for the advice of someone I trust before moving forward.  I anxiously say to myself, “If I don’t get this person’s advice, it will be my fault if everything falls apart.”
Do you face similar challenges, or am I the only one?  If so, let’s be bold, and move forward together into what Christ has given us to do.
Let’s be bold as a lion, and stop waiting for permission from others to start doing what He has already commanded us to accomplish!

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