How to Become an Artist: The Intricate Details

Building a Business God's Way, Part 6

“[When He prepared the heavens…]

then I was at His side,

like a master workman;

and I was His delights day by day,

rejoicing before Him at every time.”

– Proverbs 8:30-31 (LITV)

When God created the world, Wisdom was the craftsman… the master workman at His side.  The structure had been laid according to His plan, and now it was time to work on the beautiful, intricate details.

In this passage, Wisdom is the “A-mown” (Hebrew אָ֫מ֥וֹן), or the apprentice, who works beside the Artist who created the Universe.

It’s the intricate details that make an artist an artist

In Elementary School, all of us quickly drew the outline of the horse and handed it to our teacher.

The artist of our class stayed in after recess, still drawing the hairs of the mane and the eyes.

An architect sees what the house will look like when he’s finished.  To get the project done, the apprentices work beside him to bring it to fulfillment.  Although they work diligently under his supervisionBarebones House:, the apprentice still shares the glory with the artist in the result.

It does not cost as much to buy a house frame, set it up and attach some sheet rock, insulation and plywood to it.  Doors or windows aren’t even necessary, when replaced with a piece of plywood and a hinge.

To save even more money, a home can even be made of a pile of bricks piled up and held together with cement.  For a little extra, you can put a tin roof on top.  And a cement floor is nice, but not necessary… if having a place to live is all you care about.

A house may have all the essentials and be built correctly.  It may be a comfortable place to sleep and to come home to after a long day at work.

However, Our Home (the Earth) is not a monument to efficiency.  It has something more, something that fills our heart with emotion, every time we get out to enjoy its beauty.

Turning a home into a work of art

Sarah Susanka is an artist AND an architectAs it was with Creation, so it is with the detail work that turns a home into a work of art.

It’s the arches, the window seats, the tile shingles, the new paint job… the designs, the doors, the drapes, the paintings and the stone flooring… It’s the personal details that turn a home into more than a place to sleep, but a place to live and rest.

The first work which God gave to Man is the work of a gardener (Genesis 2:15).  That is, Adam would work in the Garden of Eden to make it more beautiful and more productive.

In the same way, God wants to give us the joy of working with the resources He has given us to produce something more beautiful, more useful, more enjoyable.

Take an inventory of what you have.  Our current life, body, church property, business or home may not be very beautiful today.  However, The Artist sees what it will look like when He is finished.  He works on it each day and makes improvements, to make it more beautiful.

Our role is to work at His side, as His Apprentice, with what He has given us.

Financial detailing for our lives

Financial AccountabilityThe most important “detailing” we can build into a church, ministry or business is to manage our finances with integrity.  If we commit to live with accountability, then our homes, churches and businesses will be beautiful and comfortable, though often modest.

Following these financial principles do not cost very much, but are priceless.  They open doors for us that would otherwise be closed.

These Financial Accountability & Integrity Principles are based on the Financial Policy of Desert Springs Ministries, International:

1. We take financial integrity very seriously.  We want to be sure that our financial supporters know that the gifts they send us are being used for the purposes for which they sent them, and that safeguards are in place to guarantee this.

2. Staff members who receive money will not disburse money.

3. Staff members who prepare checks for payment do not sign the checks.

4. Staff members who sign the checks do not reconcile bank statements.

5. All disbursements will be reviewed monthly by the Board of Directors, and annually by the Board of Advisors.

6. We have a Board of Directors conflict of interest policy, which requires full disclosure of any connections to our ministry, including family and business connections.  It excludes Board Members from discussing or voting on any financial transaction that favors a family member or a business associate.

7. Management and the Board of Directors shall review regular financial statements and reports of the financial position of our ministry.

8. As the ministry grows, we will employ a highly qualified accountant.

Note: Policies 3-8 listed above are strongly based on the Integrity and Accountability Policy of Christian Healthcare Ministries.

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