Take an inventory of our resources

Building a Business God's Way, Part 4

God has blessed the earth with natural resources.  In the same way, He has blessed each of us with skills, talents, time and equipment to do what needs to be done.

To get the best use out of these resources, we must take an inventory of He has given us, and use it wisely.

Seven steps to take an inventory of our resources

1) Make a list of the resources God has given you

We can list what we have, and what we lack, according to the categories listed in the earlier blog post.  On this list, we should not claim something that does not belong to us.

Knowing what we don’t have enables us to pray with our family and church members to find what we are missing.

2) Take good care of the resources God has given you

I have a friend in the country where I work who runs a business.  He is always complaining that he does not have a working generator.  Foreign donors have given him new generators whenever he complains.  He rejoices at the gift, but does not change the oil regularly.  Before long, the new generator breaks down, and he complains once again because he does not have a working generator.

If you go to his business, you will see his “museum” of broken generators  He has a pile of generators because he prays for a new one every time the old one breaks down.

If we wish to be prosperous, we must not waste anything that God has given us.  We need it all.  We cannot afford to lose one single customer. We must not lose one single minute (of work or rest). We must not neglect one of our skills.  Each of them is precious.

Let’s take care of our “inventory”.

what we waste is lost to our inventory

source: Wikimedia.org

3) Don’t waste your resources

Don’t let someone who will abuse your resources borrow them.  Do not let someone who does not return the things he borrows, borrow your things.

I also have a friend who has a radio transmitter.  It broke because he plugged it into bad town power.  Now he wants to borrow the transmitter from a radio station down south.  Should I let him borrow it?

4) Do not use your business equipment for personal or other use

One of the Pastors in the country where I work took the sound board from the radio station and used it at his church.  What if the radio station needs it, and no one remembers it belongs to them?  The resources in your inventory must be used for their specific purpose rather than for personal advantage.

If you have extra inventory, sell it or share it with others

source: Pixabay.com

5) Share what you have

We gain more by sharing what we have with others.  For example, if you share your cow with your neighbor who has a bull, and your cow gives birth to two calves, then there is one for you and one for your neighbor.  If your cow and your neighbor’s bull remain alone, there is no advantage.

When someone shares their resources with you, it is very important not to abuse the partnership.

6) Sell or give away your surplus

If you discover from your inventory that you have extra resources, it is better to sell them or give them away than to lend it to someone (Proverbs 22:7, Luke 3:10-11).  With the money from the sale, you can buy what you need, or exchange it for what you need.

7) Be generous

Building a church takes an inventory of bricks

source: churchbuildersafrica.wordpress.com

The churches in America are robbing the church in Africa of their blessing, and the church in Africa is begging them to do it!

One day, I was in a village in eastern Chad. I saw that the congregation was building a bigger church building, and wanted to take part.  If I sacrificed, I would be able to pay most of what was lacking.  I could practically build the church by myself!

But because he is a wise man, Pastor Ernest refused to let me donate to the building project at that level.  I was only allowed to give what everyone else was giving.  As a result, we are all blessed for participating in the work of God in that village.

What did you learn from the activities today?  Please let us know by leaving a comment below.

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