Wisdom is our foundation

Building a business God's Way, Part 1

Last year, I was asked to speak at a Pastor’s Conference in Kenya.  Before I got there, I was in Chad, and praying through the Book of Proverbs for guidance about how to develop Desert Springs from a dream to a ministry that blesses the whole world.

In response, I believe that God used Proverbs 8 to speak to my heart about His steps to building a business, ministry or church.

He created the world in seven days.  The first few chapters of Genesis explain what He did.  The first chapter of the Gospel of John explains Who did it.

But in Proverbs 8, Wisdom tells us how He did it.

If we follow His steps in building what He has given us to do, the result becomes as solid as the ground beneath our feet, as dependable as the rising of the sun.

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Let us begin this study together by looking into the first section of Wisdom’s words:

“Jehovah possessed me in the beginning of His way,

from then, before His works.

I was set up from everlasting,

from that which was before the earth.”

                                         – Proverbs 8:22-23 (LITV)

God created the world by Wisdom

God created the world by Wisdom.  And by doing so, He showed us His four-step blueprint for how to build anything new.

These steps must be followed in order, and must be fully developed before we move on to the next.

The first step, as illustrated from the first part of the passage above, is to lay a strong foundation.

From the creation of the world, Wisdom is the foundation

Think about all we would miss when we don’t start with the premise that God created the Earth and the Universe!

If we take the time to pay attention, the way the elements of this world fit so perfectly together show us that the Wisdom of God is behind it all.

For example, gravity is perfectly balanced.  If its pull were a little stronger, we would be crushed before we even breathed our first breath.  If its pull were too weak, our atmosphere would leave the planet, and we might float away into the universe where no one can breathe.

When I was a teenager at Tabernacle Christian School, our science teacher Mrs. Howell was able to arrest my attention with the unique way that water works when compared to any other liquid.

Water floats when frozenWater floats when frozen.  Every other liquid sinks.  If ice did not float, then all the rivers, lakes and oceans on the earth would be frozen solid, from the bottom up.  Any fish would be frozen alive as the waters of the world solidified… and life would be snuffed out.

As God would have it, the ice provides a blanket to keep the lakes, rivers and oceans from freezing further.  And the thicker the ice, the thicker the insulation He provides from further freezing.

Wisdom is the foundation

Plants exhale oxygen and inhale carbon dioxide.  Thankfully, animals exhale carbon dioxide and inhale oxygen.  How these two sets of creatures assist each other is simply, miraculous.  Without the other, either the plants or the animals would suffocate to death.

Consider the distance of the sun from the earth: if it were too close, we would all be burned up.  If it were too far, we would freeze to death.

The Earth and the Moon work together perfectly, by WisdomThe tilt of the earth by 23.5° causes the seasons and the rainfalls.  Without it, the earth would not receive the moisture it needs for plants and animals to receive the water they need to live.

The moon is the perfect distance from the earth to affect tides and the weather, but not so much as to cause dramatic and dangerous hurricanes and floods.

The symbiotic relationships between plants and animals point to the wisdom of the God who created it all.  In Chad, the acacia tree provides a home and food to termites, and the termites defend the trees from those who would try to tear them down.

Bees, flowers, pollen and nectarThe brain of a bee, a termite or an ant is extremely small.  Yet many of them are smarter than we humans are.  In the Spring, plants have flowers with colors which cannot be seen with our eyes, but can be seen by bees.  These colors attract the bees and direct them to the pollen and the nectar which each needs to live.

What if any of these elements were removed from God’s Creation?  Everything else would fall apart as a result.

From observing how each of these elements of God’s Creation all fit together so perfectly and intricately, we are able to see how Wise is the One who created it all!

In my next article, we will look at how wisdom must be woven into the foundation of all that we do.

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