May God give you endurance… like a camel

Life in Chad is full of challenges.  But when you have a real love for a place in the world, you are willing to go through anything to be there.  Like a camel crossing the desert.

But many days of facing nothing but challenges and difficulty can be tiring, even when you love your place in this world.

That’s when endurance kicks in.

Endurance training, Chadian style

I stayed home, and quiet, and prayerful for solutions to the gridlock that seems to be hindering us from moving on to a return to the east. This allowed me time to actually unpack my clothes suitcase and load it into the dresser in our bedroom, and to rearrange the office desk in there as well.
Lately, the simplest things are taking hours and hours to get done. For example, I wanted to print out some documents I will need for my trip to Moundou early next week. I had hoped to use a printer that I brought up from the storage container in Moundou, but after an hour of trying to get it to work last night, I had to conclude that it’s broken. And TEAM has a printer they allow their people and visitors to use to print out documents. After more than three hours of trying to load the driver software, then unloading it, reloading it a new way, and so on, I was no closer to printing out the documents I needed than when I started.

Camel Facts

Endurance like a camelAll the time that is wasted here trying to do what would be SO simple in any other place… is not wasted.  We are one day closer to reaching our “oasis”, and crossing our “desert”.
In the bathroom in our new place, I placed the book I bought at ECHO ( called “understanding the camel,” in hopes of learning more about this animal the people we serve love so much!

Each day, I have learned some interesting camel facts. about how God created the camel to withstand the heat of the desert unlike any other domestic animal:

  • the camel can raise its body temperature to 60C (140F) when necessary
  • it can drink water saltier than the sea without harm
  • it limits and concentrates its urine flow to conserve water!
  • Camels have a split upper lip which allows their teeth to protrude beyond their lips.  This way, they can eat the leaves from the thorny bushes without poking their mouth with the thorns.
  • In Chad, camels love to eat medicinal plants.  That’s why the nomads there believe that it is a healthy meat that brings healing.
  • camel's footprintCamels actually have two toes.  The span of their feet is so wide, that they do not get stuck in the sand like cars and horses do.  Their feet act the same way as snowshoes do in snow.
  • When camels get up, they halfway lift up their front legs first, then their back legs, then they lift up their front legs all the way.  That is why there are two posts on a camel saddle: so you can hang on while you are thrown backward, then forward, as it gets up.
  • Camels are very stubborn.  That is why there is a whip on the other side of their bridle.
  • The camel has lots of blood vessels at the surface of its skin so that, as a small breeze blows under it, it is able to cool itself down
  • The gestation period of a baby camel is 380 days, and the baby is born feet first.

What challenges are you facing today that will require the endurance of a camel?

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2 thoughts on “May God give you endurance… like a camel

  1. Have really enjoyed your camel stories and how they relate to life. When visiting the Tulsa Oklahoma zoo I am always intrigued by the camels and truly enjoy observing them. Thank you for sharing.