How to Truly Help When Natural Disaster Strikes

Pray compassionately. Give effectively. Serve willingly.

Source: Salvation Army

Typically, life in America is peaceful.  We are used to a daily routine.  Here, it is possible to insure everything… and we take full advantage of it.  Week by week, month by month, we are doing better than the month before.  Our children grow up, and our lives are filled with many happy memories.  Disaster seems like something which happens in other countries, but not here.

When natural disaster strikes, you can help. [Source: Salvation Army]But then, a fire roars in the forest, headed straight for the homes and cities where our family lives.  Even in America, when a hurricane rolls in, it turns the streets into rivers.

Tornadoes tear homes apart.  Cities get ripped apart by mobs rioting in the streets as innocent people’s homes and businesses are destroyed.  And now, the threat of a North Korean nuclear bomb hitting the West Coast has changed the relative peace we expect into a fight for life and property for many of our friends all over America.

When disaster strikes, the last thing we should do is find someone to blame.  There is no time for that.  Yes, our nation is away from God and we need to turn back to Him.  However, if there is any repentance to be done, let it come from each of us on behalf of our nation.

While others figure out exactly whose fault it is that our fellow Americans are suffering the loss of their property and the threat to their lives, let’s come together and offer what we have to those in need: our prayers, our support and our practical assistance.

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Sunday School Series: A Crash Course in Biblical Greek

Teach your teens, kids or Sunday School Class to read Biblical Greek!


For far too long, we have thought that the basics of reading the New Testament in greekthe original Greek language is something that takes years to learn.  As a result, most of us depend on our pastors, priests and clergy to explain the original meaning of the New Testament passages to us.

When Christians are too dependent on translations of the Scriptures into our own language, we can never be sure that what we are reading is an accurate portrayal of the source text.  In the last days, we need to know God’s Word well enough to avoid deception.

Greek is not Hebrew and Aramaic

hebrew languageThe authors of the Bible originally wrote it in three ancient languages: Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek.  However, for English speakers, Hebrew and Aramaic are a bit more difficult to grasp.  This is because they are written “backwards” – from right to left instead of left to right, as we are used to.

In addition, in Hebrew, you cannot pronounce the verb root forms.  They are a string of two or three consonants.  In order for you to conjugate the vowels, you plug them into these consonants in a specific, predictable way.

If you would like to learn Hebrew, we highly recommend the Hebrew4Christians website.

Greek does not have the same challenges as Hebrew and Aramaic do.  The letters are similar to what we are used to.  Yes, Greek verb conjugations are complicated, but you can easily distinguish verbs from one another by recognizing the root of the verb at the beginning.  And because the verb and noun markers mostly appear at the end of the word, it’s easy to look the words up in a Greek-English dictionary.

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Prayer Witnessing: God really DOES answer prayer!

How the LORD provided Mark with an amazing job

Photo by Leland Francisco:

Photo by Leland Francisco: has amazed me to see God miraculously answer prayer for my Chadian friends who were struggling and needed help.  As I was recently thinking over my time there, I remembered so many testimonies of what He did because I prayed.  And so many others which I have forgotten.

However, as my paths crossed with friends in need, we helped in any way we could.  And when there was nothing we could do, we prayed.

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“Our Radio Interview with Tom Obey on WHCF FM 88.5”
by WHCF FM 88.5 Bangor Maine

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WHCF FM 88.5 Bangor, MaineIn the month of July, Tom Obey interviewed the founding president of Desert Springs Ministries.  He was on their weekly “Missions in your Backyard” Program on WHCF.

About the Radio Interview

David was just back from a trip to Chad and Sicily.  Through the use of locally available technology, he is a part of a team that is making God’s Word available to people in their language.  He does this by helping to provide MicroBibles.


7 worldwide ministries who are truly helping refugee children

What you can do to help


Do you have children of your own? Remember what it was like when you were their age?  Children playingWhat is your favorite childhood memory?  Maybe it was playing in a treehouse in the backyard.  Was is playing at the park near your home with your best friend, or under the sprinkler on a hot summer day?  Perhaps it’s time spent around the dining room table with your family?

As pleasant as those memories are, being a kid isn’t always that easy.  Most of us have painful stories of growing up as children.  We may have been bullied in school, or mistreated, or neglected, or forgotten.

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