“Fishing” Classes: Open Enrollment

When it comes to the MicroBible ministry, we tell all

Is it better to teach a person how to go fishing, or to fish for them?

A woman sells fish at this beachside fish market in Dakar, Senegal.If we go fishing for someone, they become dependent on us when they need a fish for supper.  We gain a skill which allows us to grow in importance.  When no one knows how to do what we do and the demand for our craft is strong, our workload increases and can even become overwhelming at times.

For this reason, we prefer to teach others how to do what we do rather than do it all ourselves.  When it comes to the MicroBible ministry, we tell all, from how to buy the equipment, all the way down to how to use it and distribute it effectively.

Because there’s such a great need all over the world, God needs as many willing “fishermen” as He can find. The task God gave us is too great to ever try to keep up with it all by ourselves.

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MegaVoice Players and MicroBibles, Side-by-Side

Which one works best? Answer: It all depends...

tom treseder (source: megavoice.com/about/megavoice-history/)In 1986, Tom Treseder drew a sketch of a device without moving parts that could play audio files.  This picture was to lead him and his team to produce the MegaVoice player.

Back then, people depended on vinyl records and cassettes to replay audio. In the extreme temperatures of Siberia and the Sahara, these early technologies would often fail.

Twelve years passed before a microchip was invented which could hold the over 80 hours of audio required for the Bible. As the technology developed, the MegaVoice Player became a reality. Since 1999, MegaVoice Players have been a wonderful option for distributing the Word of God in audio format.

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3 Uncommon Ways to share God’s Love with your Muslim Friend

Fridays are important to your Muslim friends (source: times of india blogs.com)Reaching Muslims with the love of Christ is no longer just the job of Christians who travel the world.  It is now the job of the local church in Hometown USA, as it reaches out to its community.

Ten years ago, sharing God’s Love with Muslims was something that Christians did in places like Africa or Asia.  We would pray for them over there as they served in many ways, but saw little fruit.

But our world has certainly changed since then.  As we enter 2018, you are more likely than ever to have a Muslim neighbor, classmate or coworker.  In North America, over three million Muslims call the United States or Canada home.  According to Pew Research, that number is expected to grow to 8.1 million by 2050.

It’s true: some of the Muslims in North America support or condone some form of violent jihad.  However, most have come to free the economic, political and religious oppression of their country of origin.

And Jesus didn’t die on the cross and rise again for Christians alone.  He also heroically sacrificed Himself for all Muslims, all who receive His gift.  When we share God’s love with Muslims, they can choose to receive His salvation and know God as a friend.

Here are 3 lesser-mentioned tips to help you share God’s Love with your Muslim friend.

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The Lost Art of Being Resourceful

How to use your resources to their maximum potential

Mongo (October 14, 2010): We are writing you from the middle of the country.  We are staying at the home of our friends who are working to develop one of the languages here.  While here, we are stretching our resourcefulness to the limit. We are learning how to be resourceful as we try to live in this new, challenging situation.

Being Resourceful is using the resources available to you to their greatest potential.  It’s what you need when normal channels are no longer available to you.  As things get more difficult, it means learning about new resources we may have overlooked.

Our time in Mongo during the dry season has been a University Course in Resourcefulness for us all.

Being Resourceful with water

Resourceful with water for Showers, etc.In the four days since we have been on our own in the Aviles home, the town water has only run once, at 4 AM, giving us about 25 gallons (100 liters) of water into one of two plastic barrels in the kitchen. Such conditions push you to use the water to its greatest potential; we are re-using the water for rinsing the dishes in the morning, to wash them in the afternoon. Then we re-use the water for washing the dishes, to flush the toilet. In fact, we are gathering water in basins from the bathroom sink, from our showers (max 2 gallons per shower) and from washing the dishes to flush the toilet. So we use the water 2-3 times before we finish it.

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The Plastic Kettle: running water where you need it

What was the most useful thing to you during this year’s wind storm?  For me, it’s a plastic kettle I brought home from Chad on my last trip there.

In Chad, internal plumbing in a rented home can be a big hassle.  I have seen faucets in bedrooms, but none in the kitchen or bathroom.  Some faucets are a few feet above the ground, perfect for filling up a bucket!  I have also seen them well above my head, too high for me to reach.

How do you get water from strange places to where you need it most?

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