“Our Radio Interview with Tom Obey on WHCF FM 88.5”
by WHCF FM 88.5 Bangor Maine

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WHCF FM 88.5 Bangor, MaineIn the month of July, Tom Obey interviewed the founding president of Desert Springs Ministries.  He was on their weekly “Missions in your Backyard” Program on WHCF.

About the Radio Interview

David was just back from a trip to Chad and Sicily.  Through the use of locally available technology, he is a part of a team that is making God’s Word available to people in their language.  He does this by helping to provide MicroBibles.

A MicroBible is an SD Card which has the following programs on it:

  • The reading of the Scriptures in audio format (mp3)
  • A film about the life of Jesus: His miracles, teachings and His sacrifice and resurrection (mp4/3gp)
  • Film or audio testimonies of people who have experienced the transforming power of Jesus Christ (mp3/mp4/3gp, when available)
  • Christian radio programming teaching the basics of the Faith (mp3, when available)
  • Christian worship music, in video and audio format (mp3/mp4/3gp)

We provide MicroBibles in the language most easily understood by the listener.  We currently provide Bibles in more than 80 languages.  However, the number of languages is growing all the time.

About the Radio Station

Our radio interview on WHCF FM, where we explain how MicroBibles work

Missions in your Backyard, with Tom Obey, on WHCF FM

WHCF is a non-denominational Christian radio station that has been blessing Central and Northern Maine and the Maritime Provinces.  For over 30 years, they have been providing Christian teaching and music to their listening area.  Their programming features nationally known programming by ministries such as Focus on the Family and Dr. David Jeremiah.  At the same time, the station helps believers to stay connected with churches, ministries, outreaches and service opportunities based in their “backyard.”

On “Missions In Your Own Backyard, the President of Lighthouse Radio Network interviews those involved in Christian ministry, and based in Maine.

This program has three goals.  Their first goal is to inform listeners about what is going on in Maine and beyond through locally-based ministries.  In addition, they inspire the audience by letting them know how the Holy Spirit is working through these ministries.  And finally, they encourage their listeners to get involved in fulfilling the Great Commission through their prayers, support, encouragement, and volunteer work.

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