With God, our times of trouble are never wasted

The Making of the Mount Desert Island Guide

As we go through life, we will face times of trouble.  As Christians, we somehow think that we aren’t supposed to go through difficult times.  We are made to understand that our lives will be trouble-free and lots of fun once we turn our lives over to Him!

In reality, Scripture makes no such guarantee.  In fact, Jesus warned us, “In the world you will have trouble.  But trust!  I have overcome the world.” (John 16:33, Modern Wycliffe NT)

Last summer, we went through a time of trouble together as a ministry.  We had just started our new mission, called Desert Springs Ministries.  We were praying for wisdom, for ways to grow our team of prayer warriors and partners.

Now, I am known for my crazy ideas, and my willingness to do radical things, even if they are difficult.  While I pursued this idea, I was under the impression that I was obeying the LORD.  And despite the troubles I went through by doing so, I still feel that God was leading me through it.

I have the tendency to beat myself up for doing what God leads me to do, if the outcome brings trouble into my life.  But is that really fair?  Does God’s way always help us to avoid trouble in our lives… or does it sometimes bring it on?

My crazy idea got me into trouble

We spent the whole summer of 2016 preparing a shopping and dining guide for tourists coming to Mount Desert Island.  It was our way to be a blessing to others while letting them know more about our cause and passion as a ministry.

To publicize the guide, I got the crazy idea of holding a sign by the side of the road to Bar Harbor.  As I did, I was wearing in my purple jalabiya.  The sign I was holding would point tourists to the place online where they could download the guide.  I was worried that, if I wore my normal clothes, no one would notice me. (Thank you, Seth Godin…)

If you would like to download our food and shopping guide to Mount Desert Island, please click on the Marina below:

Download the Bar Harbor Food and Shopping Guide

On the day of the promotion, I arrived early in the morning.  I parked my car, and got to work!  I held my sign beside the road so that the cars in congestion could see it.

Most people wouldn’t make eye contact with me.  To show their displeasure, some drove as close to me as they dared without hitting me.  Others couldn’t handle it, and yelled things like, “You’re crazy!!”

My time beside the road wasn’t all trouble.  Some people took the time to look at the sign.  Several people ended up visiting my website as a result.  And one especially kind person stopped to ask me what I needed.  And when she found out, she gave me all the money she had in her pocket for her breakfast, to pass on to Desert Springs.  I will never forget that act of kindness on an otherwise challenging day.

And then it started to rain.

I stood in the rain for at least two hours.  I was hoping that, through my trouble, the tourists and travelers would learn about the people we serve: the refugees in Italy, Ireland, Greece, France, the Netherlands and other places.

Time to Regroup

As soon as the rain let up a bit around 5:30 PM, I had enough.  I drove to Ellsworth Assembly of God for their Wednesday night service.  Pastor Burt Lowry has been a friend for years.  I was really early for church that evening… but just in time for prayer meeting.

As waves of discouragement flowed over me, all I could do was kneel before God, and pour out my heart to Him.

Following Jesus isn't easy... but it's always interesting!And He met me there.

As part of the service, the church gathered around me and prayed for God’s provision, and for wisdom about how to let people know about the new ministry.

It didn’t happen overnight, but God gave us ideas which eventually led us to a place where Desert Springs could begin reaching out to the nations.

No trouble we go through for God’s sake is ever wasted.  Through this experience, I learned a LOT.

Are you are going through a valley of trouble on your way to your better place? I would love to pray with you. Please contact me via Facebook Messenger or our website’s “contact” page.

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4 thoughts on “With God, our times of trouble are never wasted

  1. This is so encouraging to all. We sing songs like “Where He leads I’ll follow ” and “I want to do thy will oh Lord” but it is not so easy when everything or everybody seems to be against you. You may or may not ever see the eternal result this side of heaven, but you will hear those most valuable words from the Master, “Well done thou good and faithful servant when you enter His presence. Keep acknowledging Him and He will keep directing your path. Thanks for sharing your feelings.

  2. David the Lord put that desire in your heart to reach out and spread the Gospel in the Muslim world. He gives us the desires of our hearts according to His Will. I am very impressed that You put your families needs before the ministry and God is blessing you for that! I pray through those sim cards and duplicators that many souls be won for Christ. You are an inspiration to me and many others! Where Jesus leads I am sure you will follow!