How much is a Bible worth overseas?

A Sunday School Lesson or Sermon Illustration for your church

On the Chinese Black Market, a Bible costs about 34,000 Yuan ($5,000).How much is a Bible worth where you live?  Petr Jasek is someone who can personally testify to the value of the Word of God. While being locked in a Sudanese prison cell with members of the Islamic State, a verse he had memorized just before he went into prison helped him to endure the brutal treatment he experienced there.
When he was moved into a safer situation in another prison, a visitor slipped him a copy of the Bible. He had gone for so long without a Bible that he absolutely devoured it! Because the cell did not have electric lights, he could only read it during the daylight hours. Despite this, he read through the whole Bible in three weeks! Click here to hear Petr Jasek’s story.

In China, a Bible costs as much as six month’s wages on the black market.  So our Brothers and Sisters in Christ know the value of this amazing Book we take so much for granted.  Now we see why they are taken apart, the pieces passed around and copied into notebooks!

Here is what happened when a village Chinese church received copies of the Word of God in their own language:

I have never held my Bible close to my heart, with tears in my eyes. I don’t know what it’s like to want a Bible more than anything else in this world.
Is there a more worthwhile way to serve Christ than to bring God’s Word to His people who so desperately want it?

How much a Bible worth in North America?

This Sunday School lesson will help you drive home the value of God’s Word to your class or congregation.
Preparation: Before the class, you might want to listen to Petr Jasek’s testimony.
Activity: Ask who brought their Bibles, and have them raise them up in the air. Then take away every copy of the Bible away from everyone and stack them on the altar or table up front. If people use a Bible app on their phone or tablet computer, “confiscate” those as well.
Question 1: Once you are sure that every copy is on the altar, ask, “How much would you be willing to pay to get your Bible back?” Some will probably happily part with theirs, as the copy you confiscated was a spare copy they bring to church. For others, the Bible you confiscated holds some precious memories, notes and highlights, and would be very difficult to replace.
Question 2: Once the first question has had time to settle in, say something like this: “You may say, ‘If I don’t get this Bible Back, I could go buy another.’ But what if Bibles were as rare and expensive as a Lamborghini? How much would you be willing to pay for it?
Story: In the second part of his testimony, Petr Jasek shares how difficult it was for him when his fellow prisoners demanded that he give them his wedding ring. The true value of the ring was nothing compared to the sentimental value it held for Petr.
Lesson: We all have things we value beyond they are really worth. It may be a special toy from our childhood, or a piece of clothing we wore on a special occasion. The story of that moment enters into our soul, and the object we cherish always helps us to remember it.
That is how we should appreciate God’s Holy Word. Each of us have precious memories of how our Savior spoke to us through its pages. Let’s remember how God blessed us when we followed its instructions.
Question 3: How many of you opened your Bible once this week besides at church? 2x, 4x, every day?
Final question: Now that I’ve taken away your Bible, how much of it do you still have? (have people quote verses they have memorized.)
Closing prayer: Pray for those all over the world who are in need of a Bible.
And don’t forget to return everybody’s Bibles to them at the end of the Sunday School class!
Have you been able to use this lesson in your church?  If so, please let us know by leaving a comment below:

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