The Search for Ginger Chicken

This post was written by Sharon while we were in Chad.

Yesterday, it was getting near to sundown, and we couldn’t find Ginger, our new chicken. She hadn’t touched the cut-up tomatoes we had given her, which is extremely unusual, because she LOVES them. We couldn’t find her anywhere in our yard, and so we started searching. We started to wonder if someone had climbed over the wall and stolen her, but decided that’s not likely, because we would certainly have heard her squawk. Then we were trying to remember the last time we saw her, and no one could remember decisively. I wondered if she escaped when Ashta left, but David insisted she couldn’t have. We checked inside the library, the other part of the yard, everywhere we could think of, but to no avail. I stood near the front gate, between the library and the guardhouse, and started to call her; “Here, chick-chick-chick!”

The Search for Ginger

Suddenly I heard a little “bok”. David had just started the engine, because he wondered if she crawled up under the car. She likes to hide under there; but if she happened to be under the hood, wouldn’t we get diced chicken? Anyway, I told him I heard something, so he went outside the gate to see if she was there; we checked the library again, but we found nothing. Then he suggested that she might be in the guardhouse. So we called again while he went to get the key, and Susan, who was standing next to the door, heard “bok-bok-bok”. Aha! She must be in there! She must have run in there before our guard left, and he inadvertently locked her in.

Then David unsuccessfully tried to unlock it, and decided to wait until the guard came that night. However, I tried it and was able to get it open (Yay for Mom!). David went inside with a flashlight, and searched and searched, but couldn’t find her.

So, we called to her a couple more times, and finally, he heard her under an orange plastic basin, which somehow had flipped over on top of poor Ginger, trapping her underneath. David said he could feel the heat rise when he removed the basin, so it was very hot underneath, and she didn’t have an awful lot of air in there. We didn’t just find Ginger under the basin… she had laid an egg during her captivity.

We were quick to give her water, which she generously partook of, before we put her safely in her coop. She acted quite disoriented, and was likely very dehydrated, but she seemed like her normal self this morning… and left us another egg.

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