Moving out, moving in: more room for our family

This post was written while we were in Chad.

I spent the weekend working at the house to take everything out of all the rooms. I took it apart if necessary, and prepared it for departure. If it was top priority for going to Abéché, it went into my old office; if it was second priority, it went into Sharon’s prayer room. If it was going to the house, it went into the living room. Old house, old roomI need to pack up bookshelves, and take apart a bunk bed and three of five metal cabinets. Then, when everything was moved out of the room, I swept it thoroughly, and closed the windows and doors to it.

So now we have taken care of my office, Sharon’s office, the girls’ room, the living room, the dining room, our bedroom and all the bathrooms. What remained was the kitchen, Sarah’s room and bathroom and the hallway between the rooms. Since this is where I was living, I saved these rooms for last.

As a result, when Monday came, we didn’t have to pack much! I became amazed at how much stuff is fitting in those two rooms, and how much more room we have for a few more things needing a place. I got a lot of help from the new neighbors, up to a point. The first metal cabinet took me 10 minutes to find someone to help me with it, but eventually a young woman came to my rescue.

Furnishing the Room

The little and big kids were very helpful; they couldn’t get the food out of the suitcase fast enough! I felt most amazed that the staircase for the bunk bed made it in there. It will certainly take me a day or two to turn this storage unit into a home, but it will be nice when it’s done.

I hired an old friend to help me out with the bigger and heavier stuff, a man who is able to fix plumbing, but is humble enough to help out a shoe salesman repair shoes. He did a great job today; I didn’t even have to worry about tying the furniture on the roof, as he took good care of this. At the point where we only had the cooler to go, the sun furniture for roomwas getting low on the horizon, and God gave me enough wisdom to decide to stop there.

Sarah’s bedroom, the kitchen and the hallway are dusty, and some of the stuff isn’t packed yet. There was no way we could leave tomorrow, so why not have electricity in the house for one more night. Half of wisdom is knowing when to stop for the day.

With the stove packed and the food moved over to the new house, I worried about what to eat. After dropping my friend off, I went to the market to look for something. There was no “ful” (beans), there was no “laham” (goat meat)… Nothing supper-like available. All I could find was “busta”, what we would call “Greek Pastry” back in the US. It wasn’t your typical supper, but it was very delicious.

What has been your favorite place to live? Let us know in the comments below!

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