Building a foundation of trust

Building a Business God's Way, Part 2

In our last article, we talked about just a few of the ways that God’s has been woven into the Laws that govern His Creation.

Life on earth is so fragile.  Everything that lives depends on the rules which Wisdom established.

If gravity were too strong or water did not float when frozen, life could not survive here.  But God is wise, and put everything together in a way that causes it to balance well.

So, in today’s article, we set up the business by taking the first step Wisdom used to establish the earth:

We start by building a wise foundation

laying a solid foundation of trust. Photo from the Library of CongressGod gave us a model of how to successfully “create” something ourselves, be it a business or a ministry.  As with God at Creation, wisdom must be at the foundation of all that we build.

Wisdom was the foundation of Creation.  Likewise, we need to depend on the Holy Spirit to help us set up a system of wisdom at the foundation of our business or ministry.

“But this shall be the covenant that I will cut with the house of Israel: After those days, declares Jehovah, I will put My Law in their inward parts, and I will write it on their hearts; and I will be their God, and they shall be My people.” (Jeremiah 31:31-33).

Will it fly? by Pat FlynnBuilding a foundation of wisdom will include making sure our business plan, and its rules and policies, line up with the Word of God.  From there, laying the foundation will move on to time spent deciding what motivates us to begin the business.

We will certainly need to take time to make sure that our idea will “fly”.  When done God’s way, foundation time includes moves toward completion when we finish working on the legal papers of the business, church or ministry.

And as we think through these guiding principles, we will have time to make sure that our motives are pure and our methods Biblical.

We commit ourselves to serve others rather than take advantage of them.  We choose to be honest rather than be manipulative.  We refuse to waste someone’s time if they just aren’t the right customer for our product or service.

We lay out honesty, integrity and truthfulness at the foundation of what He is leading us to do.

Trust is more important than anything else

We will run our business in such a way that our customers can trust us without being disappointed.  If people can trust us, they will choose to do business with us.   If they can trust us, they will choose to go to the church where we are the pastor, or to support our ministry.

Charlie Brown cannot trust Lucy. Don't be Charlie Brown.

Don’t trust “Lucy”

Trust is more important than spending a lot of money on a market brand, acquiring a valuable skill or raising a huge budget.

Trust is the foundation upon which all successful enterprises are built.

If we allow Him to lead us, God will purify our motives before He makes us successful.

This is why God often hides us before He makes us famous. Just as a seed is hidden in the ground before it grows, so God hides us as He works within us to lay the inner foundation we will need to handle the blessing He has for us.

By doing this, our future customers will someday find someone who is honest, who is selling a product that does what it’s supposed to do, or providing a service in the way we promised we would.

In our next post, we will examine what resources He has placed at our disposal.

Activity #2: What are the rules that you promise before God to live by as the new business begins to be blessed?  Write them down in your spiritual diary or on a piece of paper, and commit yourself before God to follow them faithfully. 

Share the rules you feel God has given you with your Christian mentor, to be sure you are on the right track.  Sometimes we expect more of ourselves than God does.  Other times, we don’t expect enough. 

If you don’t have a mentor and would like to pass them by me, please feel free to contact me.  I would be happy to work through them with you.

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