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Why do they risk it? - photo by WikimediaEach day, we turn on the TV, our iPhone, or our tablet to review the headlines and find out whether there has been another terrorist attack or not.

You’ve seen footage of people fleeing by the thousands from countries where random murders and bombings make life dangerous.

Why would a father put his entire family on a boat that is so full of people that it will probably capsize… with no motor… set adrift to go wherever the wind blows it?

It’s because, that boat ride to freedom is less dangerous than the world they leave behind.

Their houses were bombed and burned down.  Their children and parents were shot before their very eyes by fellow Muslims, the ones who were supposed to be their brothers.  They watched their neighbors starve to death as their towns were surrounded by the Islamic State Armies.

These refugees feel like, “If one of us dies, we were going to die anyway.”

… but what if you could change tomorrow’s headlines?

… What if you could bring the missing piece that would take the hatred out of the heart of a terrorist?

… What if you could bless a family with hope and the assurance of Eternal Life through Jesus the Messiah?

… and save the lives of innocent people as a terrorist becomes an evangelist?

You can change the life of a refugee

US Air Force provides water for refugees in Myanmar (source: wikimedia))

Everything is provided for… except hope. And that’s where you come in.

You see these troubles in the headlines, and want to do more than feel pity for desperate refugees and bystanders.

Thankfully, many are already providing food, water and shelter for these families in crisis.

But where are they going to find the comfort they need to make it through another day?  Where are they going to find the answers to the questions they are struggling with right now?

There is only one place that brings lasting hope and comfort: the Stories, Psalms and Teachings of the Word of God, the Bible.

And now, there is something you can do!

When you join the Desert Springs Ministries Advanced Tactical Team (D-SMATT), you will receive:

  • the satisfaction of knowing that you are part of the team that brings the Word of God to those who have had limited or no access to it before,
  • Change the Headlines of Tomorrow. Help fight Islamic terrorism via the Desert Springs Ministries Advanced Tactical Team: Bibles not guns

    Sit with them. Eat with them. Pray with them.

    the D-SMATT prayer letter, sent out at least four times a year, (Headlines with Good News)

  • exclusive dispatches when our team is traveling overseas (be the first to know how to pray),
  • special offers available only to D-SMATT members and their immediate family (including invitations to travel overseas and to participate in strategy meetings at restaurants in your local area)
  • Coaching sessions to help you make an eternal impact overseas, by going yourself, ministering to international communities where you live, or praying for the people whom God has laid on your heart.
  • updates by text message or Facebook Messenger, and
  • priority scheduling for speaking engagements at your church, school, library, home meeting, etc.

When your church joins D-SMATT, your pastor and the entire membership roster who regularly attends the church will automatically become members as well.

An Added Bonus…

Joining D-SMATT begins by signing up to support this ministry with a monthly donation of $25 or more.  When you do, you will receive a free copy of John Wycliffe’s translation of the New Testament into Modern English.

Won’t you rise to the occasion, and change some headlines around the world through the distribution of the Word of God? Become a member of D-SMATT today.

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